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Platinum is a precious metal that is both expensive and long-lasting. Unlike other white metals that can yellow or tarnish over time, platinum’s rich and white luster will never fade or tarnish. It belongs to the noble and precious metals group, making it rather precious. For this, expert investors learned to store their money’s worth in platinum jewelry. But of course, you will need to sell such items to a platinum jewelry buyer to get your money back. On this note, Nevada Coin Mart is probably the best place in Las Vegas where you can sell platinum jewelry. We are home to experts who are knowledgeable about the true value of platinum jewelry. 

Platinum Jewelry Value

Platinum jewelry buyers take the following factors into consideration when determining the value of platinum jewelry:

Purity. This refers to the amount of real platinum in your jewelry or item. The remaining parts are made of a platinum-blend alloy. The greater the percentage of platinum in your jewelry, the more valuable it is to any platinum jewelry buyer.

When determining the purity of platinum jewelry, look for a marking on the piece. The symbols on your platinum piece will be 850, 900, 950, or 999. These are known as hallmarks, which indicate the purity of platinum. If the sum is higher, the platinum is purer. To make sure your platinum isn’t silver or white gold, look for the letters PLAT or PT in addition to these numbers. A house-shaped marking on the metal may also be a sign that the platinum is genuine.

Weight. The weight factor comes into play because platinum is sold by the ounce. It’s easy to calculate how much platinum you have. You’ll just need a scale that can measure down to the tenth of a gram to get started.

Spot price. Platinum is available for purchase on the open market, which means that its price is influenced by supply, demand, and other market factors. The price fluctuates because it is bought and sold 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Click here to learn more about it:

Where to Sell Platinum Jewelry

Both our local and tourist clients will agree that Nevada Coin Mart is the best platinum jewelry buyer in Las Vegas. The owner, Neil Sackmary, pays the most cash for the value of platinum jewelry compared to pawnshops and other buyers in the area. We use non-invasive ways to test the true contents of various items, making us the most trusted specialty store in the area. This process does not involve chemicals and other tools that may damage the physical appeal of your jewelry. 

Best Platinum Jewelry Buyer

As the leading platinum jewelry buyer, we exert extra effort in keeping our services available for our clients as much as we can. For this, we keep our store open 365 days from 9 AM to 6 PM. You can visit us at Nevada Coin Mart® 4065 S. Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103 to get a free quote for your platinum jewelry. You can also call us at 702-998-4000 to talk to our platinum experts today. 


Because of its strength and white luster, platinum has become increasingly common in jewelry, whether as a setting for diamonds and gemstones or as a piece’s focal point. In fact, platinum jewelry is a wise investment because of its long-lasting properties due to the element’s weight and density. Platinum is indeed a long-lasting jewelry metal – a non-corrosive metal that can surely hold precious stones securely in place.

However, platinum, like all precious metals, does scratch. A scratch on a platinum piece, on the other hand, is simply a displacement of the metal; there is no loss of volume. However, it can affect the desirability of a platinum item, especially for platinum jewelry buyers. In addition to its durability and density, platinum has another remarkable quality, and that is versatility.

Ultimately, platinum is a rare and valuable precious metal that symbolizes true love, purity, rarity, and strength. It has qualities that are similar to the concept of real, eternal love. Platinum engagement rings, wedding bands, and anniversary rings are worn all over the world to symbolize everlasting love. If you want to discover the value of your platinum jewelry, bring them to Nevada Coin Mart. 

Brief History

Platinum was discovered in 1557 by Julius Caesar Scaliger, an Italian-French physician. Spanish conquistadors discovered a white metal in Ecuador’s rivers in 1590. The name “platina,” or little silver, was given to it, and it was thrown back into the river to ripen into silver. As a platinum replacement, white gold was “invented” in Pforzheim, Germany, in 1912. Its properties drew the attention of a Swedish chemist named Scheffer, who named platinum the seventh element discovered in 1751. He was also the first to melt platinum successfully. 

The ancient Egyptians were believed to be the first people to use this white metal in jewelry, but it was only a hundred years ago that it became widely known. Despite undergoing many experiments with the help of some South American Indians over 1000 years ago, news of new white metal with unusual properties did not reach Europe until the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, after the Spanish conquest of the New World. Louis XVI of France proclaimed platinum to be the only metal appropriate for royalty because he was so certain of its unique qualities. Since then, Kings, Queens, and Czars in Europe and Russia in the late 1800s have been adorning themselves with each and all platinum.

In the early 1900s, platinum’s popularity spread to the United States, enthralling the American public. During World War II, however, the United States government designated platinum as a strategic metal, banning its use in jewelry. Towards the end of the war, platinum had almost become a lost craft. You can try to share these details with your platinum jewelry buyer to help you seem more informed when it comes to this precious metal. By doing so, you can avoid swindlers who try to intimidate sellers by belittling their knowledge on the matter.