The precious metal silver is similar to gold. Both are used as investments and economic potential. One benefit silver has over gold is the price barrier to entry. A 1oz gold coin can run a person well over $1,000. A 1oz silver coin can be acquired at the same price as a fast food meal for the family at around $20-$30(depending on the day). A person can begin collecting silver coins or bullion without having thousands of dollars at their disposal. Just like gold, silver can be used to hedge your bets against inflation, having a bag of silver coins could come in handy in times of economic turmoil.

Silver is a brilliant white metal. Just like gold it is considered a precious metal. Silver ornaments and artifacts have been found dating back many thousands of years. It has been used not only as jewelry but also as economic currency. Silver and gold have been the main 2 metals used for economic exchange in human history.

Silver also has many industrial uses in manufacturing, medicines and laboratory agents.

Silver is used in many types of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings and ornaments. It can also be found in coins and bullion.

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