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Located in Las Vegas

We are proud to be licensed by Clark County to legally buy jewelry from the general public. Since 1971, Nevada Coin Mart™, we have transitioned into the modern technology age combined with the highest possible cash offerings and the best customer service.


Nevada Coin Mart offers a free, in person, evaluation of your jewelry, gold, silver, coins, bullion and larger diamonds. We use a state-of-the art x-ray spectrometer to ensure you receive top dollar.


Not only do we buy gold, silver, diamonds, jewelry, bullion and more but we will buy most anything of collectible value. The only things we do not buy are cars and guns. To give you an example of some of the other merchandise we are interested in examining:

  • Comic Books
  • Trading Cards like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Magic: The Gathering and valuable baseball cards

Give us a call at 702-776-7061 if you have anymore questions!