Do we buy gold? YES!

What type of gold?

Any and all of it. Bring it in and we will test it with the latest precious metal purity technology. You could have gold necklaces and bracelets in storage when they could become cash in your pocket!

Why is gold considered so valuable, expensive and precious?

This is a complicated question with many answers. For one, gold is extremely dense. A family can carry their life savings in a small bag. While other valuables like food and tools cannot be transported so easily.

It also doesn’t corrode. This means as the centuries pass a gold coin stays as bright and fortified as it was 500 years ago.

It is very easy to test purity of gold, meaning if a fake gold coin comes into circulation it shouldn’t cause much trouble if proper precautions in purity testing are used.

Gold is recognized all over the world and has been for centuries. It has been undoubtedly the greatest symbol of wealth. Gold has value nearly every where in the world.

In modern times people use gold as an investment and as a safe haven from economic turmoil like inflation. Gold should always hold it’s value even as paper and digital currency fluctuates.

The best thing about gold is that you can exchange it for cold, hard cash! That’s why if you have any gold necklaces, rings or coins laying around, bring them to Nevada Coin Mart and we will give you instant cash so you can go shopping or pay your bills.